Guidelines for Presenters and Chairs

Full Paper Presentations

Full papers are assigned to a 30 minutes presentation slot. Each presenter has 15/20 mins to present his or her paper followed by a brief discussion with the audience of 15/10 mins. Authors are invited to plan their presentation accordingly.

Session chairs are expected to coordinate the paper discussion. The chair will also introduce each presenter and assure the timing of the session. Papers are not available online due to restrictions in the submission process of many journals, participants are invited to contact the respective authors if they are interested in reading the presented papers.

We kindly request the session chair to bring their own laptop for the presentations or let us know if they will borrow one from the organization desk. 


Discussion Paper Presentations

Discussion papers are assigned to a 30 minutes discussion slot. Each presenter has 10 mins to present his or her paper in a roundtable format. There are 5 to 6 short papers per each session.Discussion paper sessions are organized with the purpose of engaging in a developmental discussion around different studies conducted in the same focus area. 

Session chairs are expected to do timekeeping and act as an active discussant. Please prepare a few questions for each paper to start the discussion with the presenters and the audience. Following the presentation of the authors, Session chairs are asked to introduce your questions and guide a 20 minutes discussion with the audience.

We invite presenters to bring short handouts. As the session is organized in a roundtable format, there won’t be the possibility to do full ppt-presentations.